dnp Visiosign webinars - a great success - dnp Visiosign

Danish dnp Visiosign webinars - a great success  

dnp Visiosign has successfully held two webinars in Danish in May

New way of comunication 
Webinars are a good way to address topics that many people are asking. Although we have had many meetings online with our customers, we have missed being able to gather more - webinars was a good solution to keep contact.
Webinar about Covid19 content on the info screen
One webinar was held on May 13. targeting how info screen are brought into play to address the increased need for communication in relation to Covid 19. Erik Rosenberg talked about guidelines for organizing content on the info screen and how the authorities' Corona guidelines can be redesigned to fir info screen.
Webinar on creating more life on the info screen  
The second webinar was held on May 19 October 2005 focusing on creating more life on the info screen. Ditte Brøgger talked about strengthening internal communication. She gave advice on Info Screen relevant content and came with examples of how to produce content.
New webinars
We will continuously present new webinars on our website and in our newsletter. They will both focus on inspiration for new content but will also be related to technical issues and training.

Låt oss arbeta tillsammans

Vi erbjuder många typer av skärmlösningar och vi har ett nära samarbete med våra kunder för att skräddarsy lösningar som speglar behoven och önskemålen i er organisation.
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