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Give your digital building an extra touch with products from dnp Visiosign's visual series.

Images represents the organisation's values and identity and influence the atmosphere in the building. Screen walls, large screens and posters are part of dnp Visiosign's visual experience concept.

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A wall of screens, bright large screen or a digital poster

A visual welcome 
Skærmvægge og storskærme er særligt populære i store indgangspartier eller andre store rum. De skaber en Screen walls and large screens are particularly popular at large entrances or other large spaces. They create an impressive space to intensify important information and welcome messages as a beautiful visual experience.
Dynamic posters
Posters can be used for changing exhibitions, performances and shows. dnp Visiosign’s digital posters can replace printed posters that often need to be changed, disappear, or are damaged. The posters are also ideal for photo galleries, collages and information in museums, visitor centres, etc.

Different solutions in the Visual series


A Digital poster for events and exhibition advertisement

Posters in a new and dynamic way
A digital poster minimizes the time spend on printing and planning which posters to display at what time. A digital poster for an exhibition, performance or event is displayed and changed with another with few clicks. A single poster can be displayed at a time or multiple posters can rotate on the same screen.
Beautiful picture gallery 
The Digital poster is also suitable for presenting images and creating digital galleries. It is possible to have one Digital Poster or several Digital Posters showing stunning images and pictures as a picture wall.
Standard features:
  • Connection to Visiosign Cloud for easy administration of content on all connected devices
  • The Digital Poster can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Content can be scheduled and displayed in specific periods, time, days or weeks
  • The poster can reflect the visual identity of your organisation with logo, colors and fonts
The Digital Poster is available in two formats:
  • A format (e.g.: A2, A3, A4): Suitable for displaying standard-format posters without needing additional image work. A bar placed above and under posters will show logo, colors, clock and date
  • 16:9: Suitable for displaying photos or video on the Digital Poster
This solution contains:
  • Standard player 8.0 
  • Configuration of users and poster folder in Visiosign Cloud
  • Unique design
Poster subscription: 100 DKK per month per unit (billed annually). Learn more about dnp Visiosign's subscription
Read more about dnp Visiosign subscription

An impressive wall of screens

A wall with razor-sharp images
A screen wall with photos and great stories from your organization gives a remarkable impression and nice welcoming for guests. Screen walls can display photos, videos, messages. They are likewise perfect for displaying customer cases, warnings, service messages and good stories among many other things. The player for the screen wall is selected with a special focus on the large and heavy graphical content shown, such as videos and large images. The resolution on the wall is up to 4K.

Make empty spaces livable 
The screen walls can create life in large and open spaces where people pass. Messages on the screen can make people stay longer in the room. Furthermore, the content can be used to give those passing by a visual experience reflecting the organisation's values and identity.

All in one package
managing all screens that the wall is composed by. Up to six screens can be joint in one wall. Content may be shown across screens. The screens can be installed horizontally or vertically in one or two rows.

This solution contains: 
  • Screen wall player up to 4 monitors or up to 6 monitors
  • Configuration of users and design in Visiosign Cloud
  • Project management up to one hour
  • Unique design
  • Meeting overview with data from schema, calendar and booking systems (e.g. Microsoft Exchange)
  • Drawing of maps in 2D
Wall subscription: 225 DKK per month per unit (billed annually). Learn more about dnp Visiosign's subscription.
Read more about dnp Visiosign subscription

A mega screen wall with impressive and razor-sharp images

Quality images in bright rooms
With a dnp Supernova projection solution from dnp denmark, you don't have to dim the lights. Light is a challenge for traditional canvases and displays, but with an optical display and laser projection technology it's not a problem. The award-winning dnp display technology provides razor-sharp images even in bright environments and ensures eye contact, attentive and present meeting participants, which are challenging in dark environments.

Impressive size at a good price
dnp Supernova is the world's largest optical high-contrast front projection display, making it ideal for large spaces and entrances. Despite the impressive size, the price is affordable, and the solution is easy to install. The solution includes a player specially made to show graphically heavy content like video and large images. The screen resolution is up to 4K.

Perfect for branding and great stories
A dnp Supernova wall is perfect for branding your organization with photos, video, messages, stories and news. The screen wall makes an impressive impression and welcomes your guests in a professional way.

This solution contains:
  • 220" Optical Supernova Display
  • Short-throw laser projector
  • Media Player 8.0
  • Configuration of users and and Design in Visiosign Cloud
  • Project management up to an hour
  • Unique design
  • Meeting overview with data from schema, calendar and booking systems (e.g. Microsoft Exchange)
  • Drawing of maps in 2D
Wall subscription: 225 DKK per month per unit (billed annually). Learn more about dnp Visiosign's subscription.
Read more about dnp Visiosign subscription

Five reasons to use solutions from dnp Visiosign's visual series 

1. An impressive wall of screens, big screens and beautiful posters 

Give customers, guests, students and employees great visual experiences. Screen walls, large screens and posters are ideal solutions to impress and stimulate visual expression..

2. Make a nice visual environment in your building

Visual experiences can create life in your building. Several customers claim that people meet and stay around the visual screen installations, and they become natural hubs for people to hang out. dnp Visiosign's visual series are unique solutions that create a new atmosphere and strengthen communication within the building.

3. Capitalize your messages

With a screen wall, it's possible to boost important messages. Messages on the screen wall are hard to overlook and reach anyone who passes the screen. 

4. Show that you have a modern visual profile

Signal that your company or organization has a strong visual profile and puts good communication first. Meet customers, guests, students and employees with a welcoming visual design by including logos, videos and images that represent the organisation's profile.

5. Create attention and tell good stories

Screen walls are an obvious tool for internal branding. They can be used for good stories about results, projects, etc. By sharing good stories, it is possible to strengthen morale and engagement among employees. This will greatly support a good working environment. At the same time it will give guests a good impression of the organisation's work.

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