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Clear communication with dnp Visiosign's info screens

With info screens, your organisation can communicate clearly and effectively to all employees, as well as to guests and visitors. It will be easy to provide up-to-date, relevant and targeted information to employees across departments, floors and locations.

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Information screens are an important part of a modern business

Enhance your visual communication
Information screens are a powerful tool in your organisation's overall communication strategy. The easy-to-use interface makes the info screens easy to manage through Visiosign Cloud. The screen is divided into several fields – in each field it is possible to show relevant content in a loop. Content can be scheduled and displayed at a specific time and during a desired period. Hence, it is an optimal solution for internal communication. It is also possible to display different types of automated content on the screen e.g. data features, weather forecast, clock, date, Twitter, RSS news and more.
Simple management of one or many screens in Visiosign Cloud
All information screens in your organisation is connected to Visiosign Cloud, which ensures a simple and functional user interface. From Visiosign Cloud, content, feature, design, users and hardware can be managed and operated. It is also possible to access the system from a smartphone or tablet to make minor changes. Visiosign Cloud may include as many screens as your organisation might need.
This solution contains:
  • Unique design
  • Configuration of standard touch
  • Configuration of custom touch button
  • Configuration of wayfinder function
  • Professional screen
Information subscription: 150 DKK per month per unit (billed annually). Learn more about dnp Visiosign's subscription.
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Five reasons to use information screens for internal communication

1. Standardize internal communication to employees

Information screens are a unique opportunity to get important information to everyone. Some employees do not have daily access to e-mail. Others drown in emails and don't see important internal messages. With info screens it is possible to unify information and ensure that everyone receives the relevant information.

2. Modern digital profilel

Signal that your organization is forward-looking and that digitizing communication matters. Meet customers, guests and employees with photos and videos that represent the organization's digital profile. Information screens are an important channel of communication in a modern organization.

3. Communicating health and safety messages

Info screens are ideal for effective communication about health and safety. Visual communication can be more efficient than written communication, for example in an email or on a poster. Information on the information screen is faster to update than, for example, message boards and paper post on the wall. The info screens can better ensure that security messages are repeated, updated, and widely distributed.

4. Instant updates of real-time changes 

Update news quickly and give necessary instructions. Announce changes to the workflows on the information screen so employees can be constantly up to date on, for example, production goals. This will avoid valuable time wasted on gathering people to give updates and information. 

5. Create a sense of community to engage employees

Create a nice work community and satisfaction among employees by sharing information about events and photos from passed events. Share good stories about results, and large projects to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction. This supports the working environment and gives a good team spirit.

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Information screens are an important part of the communication strategy in a modern company

With an information screen it becomes easy to provide relevant and targeted information to employees across departments, floors and locations.
  • More than 500 organisations already use dnp Visiosign's information screens as a part of their internal communications strategy.
  • It is easy to create, manage and change content on dnp Visiosign's information screens. The system is easy to work in and an unlimited number of users can be added.
  • Messages can be shown on one, multiple or many screens, making it possible to directly target information.