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Welcome to dnp Visiosign 

20 years of experience
For 20 years, we have been a first mover in digital screen-based solutions for internal communication, wayfinding, conference- and meeting rooms, digital receptions and digital visual solutions. dnp Visiosign is a Danish IT and consultancy company specializing in providing screen-based solutions for modern digital buildings. dnp Visiosign is part of the world's leading supplier of high-quality optical projection displays - dnp denmark which is part of the Japanese group Dai Nippon Printing Co Ltd.
Your new business partner
We do not just see ourselves as a supplier – we are also your new business partner, and together we will set new standards for your digital communication. The dnp Visiosign team consists of 40+ dedicated employees. Our consultants and project managers create solutions according to your wishes and needs. Our experienced technicians install your screens with attention to detail. Our developers can integrate and bridge your other systems. Our Support team is always ready to help. 
High quality standards
We take great care in making sure that our products meet highest standards and that we conduct our business in a responsible way. You can read more about data security and product specifications at the end of the document. Our GDPR-policy, data security and our CSR-policy are something we believe in and live by
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We work with organisations in all industries. 

dnp Visiosign started by providing internal communications to manufacturing companies. Furthermore, we specialised in screen-based communication solutions for educational and learning environments. Today, we have successful value-adding collaborations in virtually all industries. We deliver both small solutions with a handful of screens, as well as large solutions with hundreds of screens managed in unison.   

  • Healthcare

  • Transport & Logistics

  • Conference, Culture & Sports

  • Administration, Service & Office

  • Utilities

  • Education and Schools

  • Manufacturing & Industry









dnp Visiosign in numbers

dnp Visiosign's products are present in many organisations throughout Scandinavia. Our broad customer base has helped us become a strong business partner and we are generous in sharing our skills, experience and knowledge.

It's Hip to be 

CSR and Sustainable Development Goals 

We constantly reflect on the way we do business in order to actively do our best to follow the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We are making and efforts and taking small steps in the right direction, particularly in four following areas: climate, environment, social responsibility and good working conditions. 

CLIMATE– Inspired by SDG 13, Climate Action. We deliver products that effect our climate as little as possible and we conserve energy to minimize CO2 emissions into our atmosphere.

  • We strive to have all the organisations energy covered by energy from renewable sources. 
  • Our products have an operations schedule and switch off when nobody uses them. We inform customers about how they can save power when they use our products.
  • Internally, we save power by having operations schedules on all our electronic equipment and we provide guidelines for conserving energy to our own employees. 

ENVIRONMENT – inspired by SDG 12, Responsible Consumption and Production. We focus on considering the environment and our important natural resources in the way we run our business.

  • Waste is increasingly impacting our environment – we sort our waste and recycle whenever possible.
  • Too much plastic ends up in seas and streams. We try to avoid the use of plastic in packaging for our products and crockery in our canteen.
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and soap in our company to protect our water and environment.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – inspired by SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. We run a socially responsible company, taking responsibility by engaging in the local community, as well as taking responsibility for education and job creation.

  • Our company is open to training young people within our field. We do this, by recruiting trainees and apprentices.
  • We participate in flex job and wage subsidy schemes to help the unemployed get back to the labour market. 
  • We are committed to the local community. Every year we sponsor different forms of local sports and culture. 

GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS – inspired by SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth. We strive to provide good employee conditions and working environment, both within our company and at the suppliers we work with.

  • We work with suppliers on continually improving social and environmental conditions. We do this by requiring suppliers to respect human and labour rights.
  • Equality in the workplace is important to us. We maintain and develop good social relations among our employees at various social events throughout the year.
  • We ensure good working conditions for our employees by providing an ergonomically correct working environment and by providing health insurance for all employees.

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