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New version of Visiosign Cloud

We are very much looking forward to presenting a new version of our platform, Visiosign Cloud.
New user-friendly interface
All the tools you know will look a little different. The platform is the same and so are the features - they just work better and look a little different. There are also several new options and functions. For example, it will be quicker and easier to work with images and video.
Better overview
Especially customers who use their solution a lot and have many screens, have asked for tools to get a better overview. There are many improvements to look forward to here.  It will be possible to search and filter previous posts. Live preview of monitors has been improved and there are more options. Now it is possible to see what a monitor will look like at any given time. We have introduced user groups ans well as more new user roles, with different rights and accesses.
Increased focus on security
Security has always been important for dnp Visiosign. With the new Visiosign Cloud, we future proof our platform security. A lot of the security updates will only be seen from the backend. However, you will experience a difference in the login policy, where all users have to use a unique login, linked to a personal e-mail. There will also be new features to ensure proper handling of the personal data clients add to the system.
Use your tablet or phone
The new Cloud will be more platform independent. Among other things, it will be possible to edit posts using most browsers - Chrome, Edge and Safari. This also makes it possible, to edit content on the screens from both PC and mobile phone.

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