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Internal communication supports security in production companies

Interview with Anita Rosenberg Jensen, team leader at NOV, and Søren K. Thustrup, communications specialist at NOV.

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is a front runner in the production of flexible pipes for the oil industry. NOV employs dnp Visiosign's information screens to reach employees on the floor and optimise the safety of their employees in production environments in several countries.

Communication with the employees at the floor
The production staff rarely sits in front of a computer during the workday and do not have immediate contact with the administrative staff. Therefore, internal communication becomes a challenge.
"It simply does not work to send information by email to employees in a production company. Information screens are the only way you can be 100% sure that you can get information out to the staff on the floor." 
Søren K. Thustrup, communications specialist, NOV


Pictures and smiles attract attention
The best way to reach employees is through screen content that puts a smile on their faces. According to Anita, a loving and humorous tone on the screens help to create good relationships, which is extremely important. In addition, some employees are not fluent in Danish and may have reading difficulties. Therefore, screen messages supplemented with images, icons, animations, and videos are easier and more enjoyable for all employees to view.
"We use humor, smileys and images on the screens to create good relationships and bring attention to important messages. If we only use text, fewer people see it." 
Anita Rosenberg, team leader, NOV

A valuable collaboration
NOV has, in collaboration with dnp Visiosign, recently undergone a great re-design process of their information screens. At the beginning of the process, dnp Visiosign held a workshop to review NOV's wishes. dnp Visiosign then returned with a plan that was implemented shortly after. The collaboration process was very pleasant.
"I'm absolutely convinced that if we have any new needs and present them to dnp Visiosign, then they can carry it out." 
Søren K. Thustrup, communications specialist, NOV

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