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Antvorskov nursing home

Nursing home utilises information screens to keep relatives informed and help the residents remember important information.
Antvorskov nursing home is equipped with 5 information screens from dnp Visiosign. The screens are used by the nursing home’s 60 residents and the many daily visitors.

Interview with Jeanette Bernholm, office assistant at Antvorskov nursing home in Slagelse Municipality 

The information screens help residents remember important information

The information screens are intended for the nursing home’s residents, relatives and guests. The screens have replaced the traditional bulletin boards, that easily get crammed with post and papers. Distribution of leaflets with important information to residents and relatives are also not optimal, since they easily disappear and get misplaced. Information screens are therefore an ideal alternative.
“The information screens provide important information and reminders for employees, relatives, residents and other guests.”

The screens are very useful for the elderly residents that have poor memory and need help remembering messages and events. The screens are also beneficial for visitors, ensuring that they receive the important information.

The importance of using pictures at the nursing home

Antvorskov nursing home is also very excited about the visual possibilities the screens provide. The residents enjoy beautiful seasonal pictures as well as images from past events, reminding them of pleasant memories. The images are not only conversation starters for the residents, but also between the residents and visitors. 

” Visual elements are very important at places like a nursing home. The images really help the elderly remember and relive the cozy events at the nursing home.” 

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