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dnp Visiosign subscriptions

For every dnp Visiosign Solution a subscription agreement is made. The subscription work as an agreement between your organisation and dnp Visiosign. Furthermore, the subscription gives access to a wide range of benefits.


The subscription includes: 
  • Full access to the easy-to-use interface in Visiosign Cloud. In Visiosign Cloud there are many opportunities to produce posts and edit content on the screen. An unlimited number of users may be added to the organisation’s own Visiosign Cloud domain.
  • Hosting of all devices connected to Visiosign Cloud on dnp Visiosign's own professional and secure hosting environment. With unlimited traffic and storage.
  • Automatic update and access to the latest Visiosign Cloud software versions.
  • Access to support from our own support team. The support team is always ready to help with problems, advice and guidance. They are available by phone, support ticket or email.