Hardware - dnp Visiosign


Hardware of high quality is essential. Therefore, dnp Visiosign has developed its own BLACKLINE display series and specially designed players. By offering our own hardware we ensure a consistent operation and high-quality visual experience.   

Blackline – Elegant and classic Scandinavian design

The Blackline-series is hardware with smooth design and straight lines. With Blackline displays you get:

  • A uniform look - making all screens fit together
  • High quality - because screens and players quality is essential to ensure a satisfactory visual expression
  • A product line that combines quality materials, durability, easy maintenance and reliability

Playere – Specially developed for reliable content output

dnp Visiosign players are particularly suitable for running graphic content such as video and larger images. Players from dnp Visiosign have following properties: 

  • A particularly long service life
  • They are heat tolerant with tight-fitting cabinet
  • They are delivered with dnp Visiosign software pre-installed and customized operating system for optimal operational stability
  • Slim design allows for easy mounting of the player behind a screen