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Øresund Aquarium

Screens give visitors a unique experience
Interview with Jens Peder Jeppesen, aquarium manager and marine biologist at Øresund Aquarium

The Øresund Aquarium in Helsingør has over 40,000 visitors annually. They have about 35 screens: small screens, a large screen wall, a video wall and a totem screen. All these screens provide information about the aquarium’s fish and about current as well as upcoming activities at the museum.

Interactive experiences are the way to more satisfied guests

Museum guests often expect intense experiences, which can be a challenge for many smaller museums. Before the Øresund Aquarium installed screens in their exhibition, guests often complained that they were not getting enough value for their money. According to Jens Peder, the aquarium manager and marine biologist at Øresund Aquarium, that has changed:
"The screens help to make the aquarium experience much more intense. The guests are stimulated, they feel that they get better value for their money and they are much more satisfied."

Jens Peder is now aware of how digitally oriented the guests are. Children, adolescents, and grandparents find it perfectly natural to interact with the touch screens to get information about the animals in the aquariums. Jens Peder has always been proud of the aquarium, but he is thrilled with the new digital communication and is convinced that it has given the guests something extra:
"We didn't expect how positive the result would be and how much better the experience is for the guests."

Simple communication with many possibilities

The Øresund Aquarium switches out the fish several times a week. Prior to installing the digital screens, it took a long time updating information on the old-fashioned light signs. Now with digital signage, it only takes 15 minutes to update the information screens.
"dnp Visiosign’s screens are a great communication tool. It has really been revolutionary for us in our daily work. It's a great relief for our editors, and the screens have improved the audience's understanding of our exhibitions."
There are still a few exhibitions where the touch screens have not been installed and Jens Peder has noticed a marked difference in guest interest. Guests do not engage in the same way and do not spend time learning more about the fish in the aquariums. Jens Peder has many ideas to how digital communication can give visitors an even more unique experience and how dnp Visiosign's products can be used for further improvements.
"There are really endless possibilities for what we can use the screens for. So, it's just a matter of exploring them."
Jens Peder dreams of installing more large screens to show movies and pictures, as well as having meeting room screens in front of the museum's meeting rooms. Jens Peder is sure that digital communication is a visionary and future-proof strategy for the Øresund Aquarium.

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Professional design, installation and support characterises the collaboration with dnp Visiosign

Jens Peder particularly highlights the great effort and cooperation he has had with the project managers, the installers and the support team from dnp Visiosign in setting up and operating their solutions.
"The collaboration with dnp Visiosign is really great. The design on our screens is a great success – it's been much better than I ever imagined."

"dnp Visiosign support is very friendly and accommodating. When we call, the problem is resolved very quickly."