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The healthcare center in Nørrebro

Screens for wayfinding and an overview of activities 
Interview with Charlotte Aagaard, Team Coordinator at the healthcare center in Nørrebro

The healthcare center in Nørrebro is annually visited by 3000 people that come for treatment and rehabilitation. The healthcare center uses dnp Visiosign's wayfinding-screens to direct all visitors to their designated treatment areas.

Wayfinding in Nørrebro’s healthcare center

The healthcare center in Nørrebro offers treatment and rehabilitation for citizens. The healthcare center inhabits a 5-story building, making wayfinding a very important task in order to effortlessly direct people to the correct areas. It has previously been difficult to provide an overview of activities, since the activities are often held in different rooms each week. The healthcare center in Nørrebro has therefore chosen to use dnp Visiosign's wayfinding solutions.

According to Charlotte Aagaard, the Team Coordinator at the healthcare center in Nørrebro, it is obvious how much the screens are being used. All the visitors stop in front of the screen to orient themselves and then heads directly to the right room. She clearly sees a positive effect that benefits both visitors, employees and receptionists.

dnp Visiosign's information screens provide an overview for the employees
Information screens are installed in the canteen, giving employees an overview of where their treatment sessions are held, so they can follow their schedule. The screens also display internal information and regional news. 

Collaborating with dnp Visiosign
Charlotte appreciates working with dnp Visiosign. In collaboration with dnp Visiosign, a design solution was developed that suited the needs of the healthcare center. Several meetings were held, where dnp Visiosign prepared and presented various design proposals, after which the staff could decide which design was most suitable for the healthcare center. Charlotte also praises dnp Visiosign for designing the screens to beautifully fit the existing color scheme of the building. 

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