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Antvorskov nursing home

“Nursing home utilises information screens to keep relatives informed and help(...)”

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National Oilwell Varco (NOV)

“Internal communication supports security in production(...)”

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Copenhagen Business Academy (KEA)

“A better overview of classrooms and effective wayfinding in a large educational(...)”

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Saint-Gobain Denmark

“Digital message boards create community in a fusion(...)”

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We provide numerous types of screen solutions and we work closely with our customers to tailor solutions that reflects the needs and desires of their organisation. 
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Information screens contributes to the strategic communication in a global company

Arla has over 300 information screens worldwide in their 50 dairies and branch offices. dnp Visiosign's information screens play an important part in Arla's communication strategy. Interview with Marcella Alvarado, Digital Communications Manager, Arla.

Information screens reach production staff on the floor
At Arla’s dairies, information screens are the primary channel for internal communication with employees. The screens are used for important updates on daily operations, such as a machine being out of service at a production facility, visits from foreign delegation and when there is cake in the canteen.

Information screens have replaced the many printed posters that amongst other things displayed instructions on hygiene and safety. The printed posters easily fell off the walls, got dirty and constantly needed to be renewed. The screens are a much better option, because they are quick to update and easily attract people's attention.

Storytelling is important for employee engagement

Arla has conducted a large internal survey that points to the importance of storytelling across the large global organisation. The survey showed that by sharing good news, it is possible to let their employees know that they help to make a difference.

Collaborating with dnp Visiosign
Marcella is happy about the collaboration with dnp Visiosign. According to Marcella, dnp Visiosign is responsive to Arla’s wishes, demands and specific challenges. She also emphasises the fast access to support, the high level of service, professional sparring and efficient performance. She concludes by saying that she often recommends dnp Visiosign to other colleagues and collaborators.