Copenhagen Business Academy (KEA)

A better overview of classrooms and effective wayfinding in a large educational institution
Interview with Magnus Jølnæs Jacobsen, Digital Editor, Copenhagen Business Academy (KEA)
Copenhagen Business Academy (KEA) uses a wide range of VisioSign's products to optimise the use of classrooms for their 10,000 students and staff at six different locations.

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Copenhagen Business Academy (KEA)

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Meeting room screens make the use of meeting rooms more efficient
KEA uses meeting room screens to optimize the use of their teaching rooms. Before the screens were installed a lot of rooms were empty because it was difficult to know if there was already a booking. On VisioSign's meeting room screens it is possible to see when and for how long rooms are booked. and it's easy to book rooms on the meeting room screens themselves.


Wayfinding in a large organization

” It is a large building and it can be a challenge to find your way around”.

A wayfinder with maps of the building is placed at the entrance at each of KEA's locations. The screen helps students and guests navigate in the building. KEA also uses the wayfinder when they have special events, where maps and information are helping visitors to find the right place.  

VisioSign Cloud – everything in one solution 
KEA is very satisfied with VisoSign Cloud. Especially that all solutions can be accessed from the same interface makes it easy for them to manage all their screens. The platform offers a wide variety of features, allowing the user to easily and flexibly access and develop content on the screens. Magnus says, that the prior system KEA used for their screens was very difficult to use. 
” We wanted to get a modern product that was easy to maintain”.

Magnus says that VisioSign's products are easy to work with and that it is easy and flexible to produce content for the screens. Finally, he mentions that the system is reliable.

The collaboration with VisioSign 
KEA needed a professional solution for including screens in their communication to students. VisioSign's products are now a central tool in KEA's communication strategy. 

”The screens are a communication tool that makes quick and easy communication with the students possible”. 

The screens makes easy communicate with students and staff on all KEA's campuses possible. Magnus is satisfied both with the product and the collaboration with VisioSign.

”I have only positive things to say about VisioSign Support. When I contact them with a problem, it is solved very fast".

With over 20 years of experience, VisioSign has extensive competencies developing systems for visual internal communication for educational institutions.